EU bans single use plastics by 2021.
How to go green and stay in line with new plastic regulations?

How to return reusable packages on-the-go, without having to wait in a long queue and how to quickly and conveniently refund deposit?


We help companies to switch from single use plastics to reusable RFID-tagged packages cost-effectively and conveniently.

Cuploop provides a missing link for reusable packaging, offering a last mile service with automated collection and deposit refunds.

Example. Smart usage circle of reusable RFID cups on venues:

  1. Client buys a drink
  2. She gets an RFID-tagged cup which is scanned at the POS and pays the deposit
  3. When done, she returns the cup to the Cuploop collecting robot 
  4. Robot reads up to 10 cups in a second and refunds the deposit contactlessly onto her NFC bank card

The same smart usage circle applies to all reusable packages!



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