where there is no plastic waste

Automated collection and deposit refund for reusable packages

Instant Deposit return

  • NFC payments
  • QR or in-app transactions
  • IBAN to IBAN

Automated collection

  • RFID tagged packages
  • Reading instantly up to 50 packages


  • Tableware management
  • Big data analysis
  • 24/7 overview & statistics
  • Live notifications and status updates

Patented returning process and unique deposit refund payment

it works

Client buys a drink/food in
reusable package and pays
Used packages are returned to
the Cuploop machine and
deposit refunded thru NFC
Reusable as a service provider
empties the machine and
washes the packages
Clean packages are distributed
to the vendor.


“A future where there is no plastic waste”

We envision Cuploop machines seamlessly integrated into smart city infrastructure, becoming as ubiquitous as regular trash bins, providing on-the-go convenience and establishing a universal network for reusable packages.


Lauri Luik
CEO, Co-Founder
Tallinn University of Technology (MA, Computer Sciences, incl. robotics). Entrepreneurial experience with e-commerce, payments & investing/funding. Former MP of the Parliament of Estonia
Christopher Juul
CTO, Co-Founder
Tallinn University of Technology (MA, Product Development and Production Engineering). Entrepreneurial experience with product development & 3D visualisations + production management

Martin Henk – member of the board (founder of Pipedrive)

Joonas Hint – CAD engineer
Mattias Peters – mechatronics
Merlyn Peters – industrial manager
Gerrerth Kaur – software
AmirHossein Teymoori – software
Christer Arakas – hardware
Karl Raiend – hardware
Christiin Klaos – sales & marketing
Chris Eichhorn – sales